Businesses Section 3 Information

What is considered a Section 3 business?

To be classified as a Section 3 business, you must qualify in one of the following three ways:

Who is considered a Section 3 resident?

A business owner is considered a Section 3 resident if they are:

Employment Opportunity Definition

Any job opening arising from SHRA contracts/projects, to include permanent, temporary or seasonal employment opportunities, including management and administrative jobs. Management and administrative jobs include architectural, engineering or related professional services required to prepare plans, drawings, specifications, or work write-ups; and jobs directly related to administrative support of these activities (construction manager, relocation specialist, payroll clerk, etc.)

New Hire Definition

Outlined below are minimum requirements to be met by the contractor and all subcontractors performing work on this project. The minimum requirements are triggered by federal regulations and SHRA policy and require active involvement by the contractor and subcontractors in soliciting local employees and contractors. Specifically, Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968 and SHRA policy requires, to the greatest extent feasible, that employment and contracting opportunities be provided to Section 3 Residents and Section 3 Businesses.

Contractor & Subcontractor Obligations for Section 3 Compliance

Review the chart below, match your household size (include yourself) with the maximum household income before taking this employment opportunity.

Contractor & Subcontractor Actions to Demonstrate a Good Faith Effort

The awarded contractor and all subcontractors on the Section 3 Covered Contract/Project are required to identify any new hire opportunity resulting from obtaining this contract. Prior to receiving the Notice to Proceed, the awarded contractor and all subcontractors shall provide to SHRA Procurement Services a complete Employee Roster and a completed/signed Section 3 Economic Opportunity Plan. If the awarded contractor and/or his subcontractors do not anticipate hiring anyone as a result of the contract, complete the bottom section of the form: “Notification of the Intent to Use Current Workforce.”